About Us

Welcome to Biogrow (2021) Limited, New Zealand plant pot distributors and commercial suppliers of Organic and Biodegradable products for the horticulture, nursery and domestic gardening markets.

Fertilpots have been a worldwide success story, as an innovative and unique product which has won numerous awards.  Imported in into New Zealand for over ten years, they have been used by Commercial Growers, Forestry, Local Council Nurseries, Government Departments, National Parks and the home gardener.  Fertilpot offers an original solution for growers looking for “ready to plant” products that will not be harmful to the environment.

No other container; biodegradable, compostable or plastic, can allow a more natural development of the plant’s root structure.

Due to demand Biogrow has expanded their range and now imports and sells other innovative and complimentary products to help with propagation and pest control, such as Fertiss PlugsPeat PelletsTraysDiatomaceous EarthBiochar, Wood VinegarWool Mats and more.

As well as the retail pricing on our website, wholesale trade pricing is available for account holders, so please do not hesitate to contact us