Pine Biochar (HIGH BET)

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Pine Biochar (High BET) is a organic soil conditioner with a very high BET (surface area) of 386m²/g. BET is a commonly used standard for measuring surface area of solids.

The higher BET increases the available micro-pores in Pine Biochar which significantly increases the surface area and reduces the application rate compared to standard biochar by 50%.

This offers several key improved benefits, including:

  • Reduces application rates compared to nornal Biochars.
  • Allows for an increase in the availability and retention of nutrients in the soil for soil microbes to exchange with the plants roots.
  • Helps repair damaged soils by encouraging soil microbe population growth and resultant organic matter.
  • Aids in improved plant growth.

Application rates vary depending on soil quality, irrigation, etc:

  • 500-750 litres per hectare for good to average soils
  • 1000 – 1500 litres per hectare for average to poor soils.
  • For smaller areas 2.5 litres biochar per cubic metre of soil. Ideally the biochar should be dug in or furrowed.
Pine Biochar High BET

Apply preferred organic matter to charge the biochar at the same time.

Pine Biochar (HIGH BET) is made in New Zealand to biogrow’s specification and is available in various sizes, including bulk 1000 litre bags.

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