EQUIPETS Animal Care & Supplements

Equipets is our animal care and health supplements range that developed from our best-selling DEHealth pets supplement and DEEM insect spray. With increasing demand for natural and organic products for pets and livestock, incuding horses, dogs, cats, chickens and goats; we’ve introduced a range that caters specifically for this market.

Equipets products offer the reassurance of naturally developed health supplements, tick and pest control sprays and de-toxifiers that are safe for all animals.

Products include:

DEHealth health and feed supplement contains food grade, fresh water, air dried diatomaceous earth (>94% amorphous silica).

As a feed supplement it helps promotes better health, improving digestion and feed conversion. It also promotes a healthier coat, hair, skin, hooves, claws and feathers.

Just add to your animals diet on a regular basis to help with digestive health and control of internal & external parasites.

ACHealth digestive health supplement contains food grade activated carbon powder. Suitable for horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, cows and other domesticated and farm animals.

When included in your animals feed it provides specific benefits. It is ideal to bind toxins within the digestive tract and remove them safely from the body.  It also aids with the prevention of medical disorders such as flatulence, colic, laminitis, endotoxemia and poor gut health.

DEEM is an organic insect spray designed to repel and control ticks, fleas, lice and other chewing and biting insects. Combining organic food grade diatomaceous earth and cold pressed neem oil with a natural emulsifier, it is easy to apply and harmless to humans and animals.

Ideally suited for horses, dogs and cats it is harmless if ingested.

NZ Tack provides horse lovers with high quality covers designed to withstand new Zealand’s rugged terrain and varying weather conditions.