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Once the soil has been prepared with Fodda Soil Enhancer, it is time to apply Fodda General Fertiliser to help with the sustained growth of your plants.

Our Natural General Fertiliser feeds the plants with all the major elements in just the right quantities and has over 45 trace elements to promote healthy growth. A healthy plant will take up high quantities of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium for growth and these elements are replaced gradually and gently with this all purpose fertiliser.

  • Natural, non toxic, non residue, biodegradable
  • Increases the plant root growth by a factor of 3
  • Increases the sugar content in the plants
  • Reducing the leaching process from the top soil
  • Supplies roots of each plant with all the necessary macro and micro elements
  • Encourages beneficial micro organisms in the soil
  • Increases the moisture withholding capacity of the soil
  • Increases the fertility of the top soil
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This specially formulated Natural General Fertiliser is ideal for All Purpose garden applications – within the vegetable garden, flower beds, fruit trees and on lawns – providing slow release goodness and nutrition.


The Natural General Fertiliser has an N/P/K of 1.5/4/5 and also contains a range of elements to support helathier plants – including:

  • Calcium 14.5%
  • Magnesium 0.6%
  • Sulpher 2%
  • Silica 12%
  • Organic Matter 25%


  • For all common garden soil types – apply 100gm/m² in gardens or lawn 
  • In orchards –  Apply to the drop line of trees.
  • 200gn/m² for each small tree, 500gm for intermediate trees and up to 2kg for tall trees

A second application is recommended after two weeks. 

Always wet area after application. 

Always put fodda around the plants not on the plants.