Microgreen Pack

Garden Packs for every stage of your gardening projects. From Soil Remediation and Enhancement to Propgation and Pest Control.

Microgreen Pack

Our Microgreen Pack provides all you need to start growing your own microgreens at home.

The X trays have a lower tray to hold water and upper tray with holes to allow water to drain through.

The wool biomats provide the growing media to grow your microgreens hydroponically. Wool has been shown to be more effective than any other inert growing media because it retains water longer.

Natural organic Liquid fertiliser when diluted with fresh water provides the ideal initial boost of nutrients when growing microgreens and can be added regularly as required.


  • X Tray System comprising Rectangular Seed Tray and Channeled Tray x 1 off each tray
  • Natural Organic Fertiliser 300ml x 1 bottle
  • Wool Biomats (propagation media) cut to fit trays (49 x 23cm) x 5 mats
  • Bamboo Fibre Gloves x 1 pair