Natural Organic Liquid Fertiliser

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Natural Organic Liquid is a microbial fertiliser is based on special fermentation technologies, useful for all horticultural applications and crops including vegetables, fruits and flowers.  The major components include live mico-organisms, ocean fish essences and other organic components.  

It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, active organic organisms, micro-nutrients and natural growth enzymes.

Natural Organic Liquid Fertiliser BBPNo12
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Benefits include: 

  • Ameliorates soil and extends soil fertility.
  • Effectively solubilizes base fertilizers and reduces the effects of salt in the soil.
  • Neutralizes the pH of soil and reduces continuous cropping obstacles.
  • Reduces insect infestation and reduces the need for pesticides.
  • Quickly activates plant immune systems and enhances decease resistance.
  • Significantly inhibits root rot and strengthens root systems.
  • Makes soil nutrients more available to plants and promotes symbiotic nitrogen fixation.
  • Multiple nutrient sources and micro-nutrients increase crop yields.
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