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Biodegradable Pins made from Polymaize

BioPins Biodegradable Pins
Biopins 12pack Biodegradable Pins

BioPins are made in New Zealand from fully biodegradable, natural and renewable materials (mainly corn startch).  They contain no crude oil based plastic at all.  Over time living organisms transform Polymaize into water, carbon dioxide and fertile humus leaving no toxic or synthetic residue or waste in the soil.

Save time and money by using BioPins:

  • Secures mulch and weed mats, seeding mesh, grass turf, etc.
  • No maintenance – once installed mats and pins will gradually breakdown and absorb into the soil
  • Seeding or grassing sloping ground becomes easy and effective
  • Easy to install ….. ask about our no bending …no hammer installation
  • Easy to install with a large driving head giving better security
  • Won’t bend nor easily pull out like wire pins
  • Biodegrades and composts completely to healthy plant matter 

We currently sell BioPegs that are 120mm (or 5inch) in length, however longer sizes are available on request.

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