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DE Diatomaceous Earth on spoon

DE has many dietary uses for pets and livestock and we recommend adding daily to your animals diet (at the feed rates recommended in the table below). 

Our Raw DEHealth product is made up from more than 94% Amorphous SILICA and also contains 15 essential trace minerals including phosphorous, selenium, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. Silica is crucial to bones, tendons, skin, cartilage and blood vessels and existss in the blood stream and vital organs. 

Mixed with your pets and livestock feed it will help to:

Diatomaceous Earth DE for Pets and Livestock
  • Promotes better health, less stress and more vitality
  • Stimulates basic metabolism
  • Better feed conversion, improving weight gain, health and productivity
  • Promotes healthier coats, hair, skin, hooves, nails and feathers
  • Cost effective health supplement, helping to reduce vet bills.  
  • A presence of DE in their stools will also discourage flies and insects around your property.

DEHealth is BioGro certified under Livestock Feed & Nutrition.

Suggested Daily Animal Feed Supplement Rates for Pets and Livestock

Kittens1/2 Teaspoon
Cats1 Teaspoon
Puppies1/2 – 1 Teaspoon
Dogs under 20kg’s2 Teaspoons
Dogs over 20kg’s1 Tablespoon
Dogs over 45kg’s2 Tablespoons
Chickens, Ducks & Fowl5% of weight in feed ration
Calves4 grams in morning
Cattle & Dairy Cows2% of dry feed ration
Sheep, Goats & Pigs2% of dry feed ration
Alpacas & Llamas2% of grain feed ration
Horses, Ponies & Donkeys1/2 – 1 cup of daily feed ration
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BioGro Certified seal 5504
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External Use

DE will help to discourage fleas, mites and lice that can occur.

Use were pests and parasites may be present.  DE can also be lightly sprinkled onto your carpet before leaving for a few days and vacuuming.  DE also assists with odour control and moisture absorption.   


For livestock DE can be used where an insect deterrant is needed or dampness is a problem. It reduces fly larvae from developing in manure, noticeably reducing fly population.  It can also help to dry wet spots.  It can also be used to actively discouraging pests.  With improved living conditions, your livestock will be more settled and healthier.