Wool Biomats

Our Mulch/Weed Mats are made from 100% New Zealand Recycled Sheeps Wool.

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Wool BioMat - Mulch/Weed Mats
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Wool BioMats have a 400gsm thickness and are needled punched for strength and durability.  

Our Wool Biomats are used extensively in hydroponic growing of microgreens, etc. Sheeps wool has been shown to provide the highest yield of any inert growing media.

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They can be used around shrubs, trees and other garden plants and are ideal for the establishment of young plants by offering the following benefits:

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Help retain soil moisture
  • Insulates and regulates soil temperature
  • Releases natural nutrients into the soil on breaking down
  • Practical option to reduce soil erosion

Available cut to size as 25cm and 40cm square mats and in 60cm and 120cm wide rolls.

They can also be custom cut for use in Hanging Baskets and for Kokedama.

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