WEEDEM Weed Killer Spray

Dual Action Organic Weedkiller.
Natural Ingredients.
Effective Herbicide.

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A non-systemic organic weedkiller designed to rapidly desiccate and kill annual weeds and grasses.

It controls broad leaf weeds, grasses, clover, moss, algae, lichen and liverwort.

Weedem Organic Weedkiller Herbicide

Combining the dual action effects of organic vinegar and fatty acids to control and suppress weeds.

It is formulated to kill weeds by naturally destroying the leaf cuticle causing cell leakage and rapid plant death.

As with all natural products, WEEDEM is non-systemic and only kills the area of the plant that is sprayed, not the root. Regular treatment is required to keep the weeds at bay.

WEEDEM has little residual soil activity, so is safe to use throughout the garden.

Non-toxic to humans, birds and animals.

Weedem cannot be diluted as this will affect its weedkilling properties.

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WEEDEM Fatty Acid
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