Environmental Advantages

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How can cultivating the earth possibly do it harm? It seems hard to believe, but it’s true. Every year, all over the world, millions of plastic plant pots are used to grow and transport plants. And the manufacture of each pot hurts the earth twice over. First, ordinary plastic pots require precious petroleum and fossil fuels to create the pots—fuels which increase our dependency on foreign oils and contribute to greenhouse gases. Then, after their brief lifespan, those plastic pots end up in our landfills or waterways, where they leach toxins into the environment.

EcoFelt Grow Bags offer a healthier, sustainable alternative that respects the earth and the living things that grow on it. Our award-winning technology takes recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for our landfills and turns them into a lightweight, breathable, geotextile that can be crafted into plant pots, erosion control sacks, living wall pouches and other plant-friendly gardening and landscaping structures.

The EcoFelt Grow Bags fabric is BPA free and resistant to UV light.

The main objective always is the health and appearance of the plant, not the pot itself.