EcoFelt Grow Bags For Hydroponics

When we think of container gardening, a terra cotta flower pot, a decorative ceramic planter or a standard black plastic nursery pot are probably the first images that come to mind. While those receptacles, of course, have the ability to contain soil or a medium, it’s the fabric aeration containers that are taking the hydroponics industry by storm and growing in popularity in growrooms and tunnels around the world.

Water can get out… and in!

They work great in ebb-and-flow systems, allowing water to penetrate the bag and be absorbed by the medium. They also act as a filter, allowing a grower to use a soilless medium in a hydroponic system without the threat of the medium clogging tubes and other parts.


The breathable fabric pots increase oxygen levels in the root zone and improve drainage, leading to optimum plant health, while keeping light out (blocking UV). Not only do fabric pots provide optimum conditions for supercharged growth rates, they also improve yields significantly and prevent root diseases.


EcoFelt Grow Bags last for multiple seasons of gardening and will generally begin to break down after about 3 to 4 years (depending on usage). They are designed to allow roots to breathe and not tapered like plastic pots, so they stand up well to strong winds and heavy harvests. EcoFelt Grow Bags can be used with drip lines or hydroponic flood trays.

Seasonal Changes

EcoFelt Grow Bags Hydroponic

Out in the heat of the summer, keeping your root-zone as cool as possible is crucial.  EcoFelt Grow Bags allows evaporative cooling in hot climates and provides thermal insulation in cold climates.

The one thing you can’t forget is that with breathable pots, you will need to water more frequently.  Make sure you adjust your program accordingly.

When not required the bags fill fold down for compact storage.