Outdoor Use

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Outdoor Container Growing

Our EcoFelt Grow Bags PET fabric has a soft, felt-like texture that allows “root pruning” of the plants. The roots grow to the edge of the bag and are “pruned,” making for a more extensive root system. Plus, there’s no root circling as you’d have in a pot or planter.
The BPA-free fabric is breathable, too, and respiration is critical to plant health. “Exhaling” excess moisture prevents root rot, and the movement of water through the soil helps carry the nutrients plants need.

Promotes air pruning of the roots and prevents roots circling

EcoFelt bags - Potato Bag

In standard plastic nursery pots, roots grow outward and eventually hit the impenetrable walls of the pot, leaving them with nowhere to go. They travel downward and then hit the bottom of the pot. Again with nowhere to go, they begin to spiral around one another, choking each other out and becoming “root bound.” This leads to a stressed-out plant, stunted growth and ultimately a smaller harvest. In the fabric pot, the roots grow outward and when they reach the side, they are naturally pruned by the air and light instead of traveling down and circling.

Improves root structure and mass

When the roots become air pruned by the fabric, the plant begins to shoot out new feeder roots. The increase in root mass provides more area of root matter that can uptake water and nutrients, allowing the plant to grow bigger and at an accelerated rate.

Aerates the root zone and regulates temperature

The breathable fabric allows oxygen to aerate the root zone from all sides, rather than from just the top. The oxygenation helps beneficial microbes in the soil thrive and contributes to a healthy rhizosphere (the living area around the roots), as the breathability and evaporative cooling helps keep temperatures low (conversely, temperatures in plastic pots reach such extreme levels that they could literally cook the microbiology in the soil). It’s like wearing a wet t-shirt rather than a trash bag.

Prevents overwatering

The porous fabric provides excellent drainage on all sides so the roots don’t get overwatered and drown. Overwatering is also one of the main causes of mold and pathogens, so sufficient drainage is crucial to preventing it.

Makes growing food possible where soil conditions are poor

Fabric aeration bags make gardening possible where it would not have been before!


The containers are flexible, so they are easy to fold up and store when not in use. They can also be moved to different locations around a yard if sunlight only reaches certain areas at different times of the day.

EcoFelt grow bags planted