Trees & In Ground

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Trees & In-Ground Growing

Worldwide thousands of fabric bags have been used since the first bag-grown tree was planted in 1980.

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Trees

The EcoFelt Grow Bag is a soft-sided fabric container that helps you do a better job of growing and transplanting trees.

  • Prevents damaging root circling
  • Root pruning produces healthier root structure
  • Keep 80% of the roots intact during harvesting
  • Extended harvesting season
  • Fastest plant recovery after transplanting

Healthier Root Structure – No Circling

As the roots of the plant grow, they reach the fabric of the bag. Roots do not circle on the fabric as they do against plastic. Instead the root is caught by the fuzzy inner surface of the material. The root penetrates the fabric. The tough fabric, however, prevents the root from expanding (aerial pruning). The root is choked by the fabric, this causes the root to lose its apical dominance and lateral branching occurs inside the bag.

Keep 80% of Root Structure Intact

With the EcoFelt Grow Bag, approximately 80% of the root structure is harvested with the plant. (By comparison, some studies claim that up to 98% of a tree’s root structure can be destroyed with normal digging up). That means more plants survive the harvest.

Faster Recovery After Transplanting

EcoFelt Grow Bags planting in grow bags

Keeping a larger and better root structure also means a faster growing, healthier plant once it is re-planted. A transplanted tree, grown in an EcoFelt Grow Bag may take a few months to recover and start growing again. Compare that to a tree grown in a ball-and-burlap (b&b) that could take a 2-3 years to rejuvenate. 

Basically the bags allow an explosion of new plant growth in a shorter amount of time.

Extended Harvesting Season

With B&B bags, harvesting can only be done when the plant is dormant. With the EcoFelt Grow Bag, the harvest window increases. Helpful hint, don’t dig when the plant is coming into bud.

Smaller Ball Size For Easier Harvesting

With an EcoFelt Grow Bag, the same tree can be significantly lighter meaning you need less equipment and your trees are more accessible. The smaller ball size also makes it easy to shift a bag grown plant into a larger wooden box or container. The bag grown plant will root quickly into the larger pot, ready for a quick sale.

Some roots will get through the fabric and this is normal. Most roots that penetrate will be fibrous feeder roots no larger than a pencil tip. At harvest these roots are easily severed. The roots that penetrate the bag stabilize the plant and prevent the trees from getting blown over.