Wall Hanging

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Wall & Hanging Gardens

Vertical and horizontal EcoFelt Grow Pockets can be used enhance your outdoor areas including decks, patios and balconys, creating visual interest, improving air quality, providing shade and growing edible crops. They can be attached to most surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, aluminium, wire, etc.

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Wall and Hanging Gardens - Vertical

Growing a Wall Garden

EcoFelt Grow Pockets are available in four pockets designed to be hung vertically or horizontally. They can be used individually or linked together to create an impressive wall, a lush herb or salad garden or a shady garden corner cascading with ferns and moss – the possibilities are limitless! 

The EcoFelt Grow Pockets pouch is made of a porous material that allows plants to breathe and thrive. After watering the pockets retain moisture without water-logging plants and they can be tended in the same way as they would in a conventional container, allowing air and water to nurture plant roots.

Growing a Hanging Garden

EcoFelt Grow Bags For Wall and Hanging Gardens - Horizonta

Did you know that your EcoFelt Grow Bag makes an excellent hanging garden and a great alternative to the traditional baskets. We would suggest using a larger bag with handles, plant in the top and cut small slits into the sides (or bottom) for additional planting.