Environmental Issues

fertilpot garden - no environmental waste

No piles of waste plastic pots and bags like the pile on the left of this picture, when you use FertilpotsFertilpots and Fertiss plugs are 100% organic and biodegradable products which have the potential to replace the millions of black plastic plant pots and bags used annually in the horticultural industry.

The products are an ultimate environmental solution and the epitome of sustainable, cost effective, zero-waste product innovation:

  • made entirely of natural and sustainable materials
  • manufactured by environmentally friendly processes
  • are cost efficient throughout the production/distribution/sales chain
  • encourage healthier root formation and plant growth than conventional pots and bags
  • are planted directly into the ground without removing the plant
  • decompose over several months to form natural, soil enriching humus
  • reduce transplant shock, ensuring better, faster establishment of plants
  • eliminate industry cost of collecting, cleaning and sterilising used plastic pots
  • leave zero waste (vs traditional pots/bags) to litter or end up in landfill

Fertilpots provide government environmental and conservation agencies, local bodies and the horticulture industry in general with an ideal opportunity to demonstrate leadership in sustainable environmentally-sound practice.