Fertilpots and FERTISS Plugs are still new to New Zealand but are currently undergoing trials or have been accepted in a number of nurseries throughout the country.

The products have been available internationally for some 35 years and are well proven and used extensively in the horticultural industry around the world.

FertilPot for Rose and Gerbera propagation

“In 2000 after extensive trials of all available products, we selected the Fertil 5×9 round for our Rose and Gerbera propagation. The pots are an excellent fit for our propagation system and our results are always consistent. Add to this first class service and we could not be happier with the product.”

Phil Elliot, General Manager, Grandiflora Nursery, VIC

Fertilpots for lettuces and herbs propagation in hydroponics

“I have been using Fertilpots for lettuces and herbs propagation in hydroponics for the last ten years. They are quick and easy to use, and allow a 98% success rate in germination, without any restriction on the growth of the stem or the roots. The absence of waste disposal is a plus.”

David Valentine, Pinjarra, WA

“The biggest advantages in using Fertilpots in our nursery are the absence of transplant shock, the time saving in labor, and its environmental quality (no wastage). We also found that we use less water than with the plastic pots. The root development is stronger, providing a better established plant.”

Gary Howe, Oakford, WA Tube Stock Nursery

Fertilpots and FERTISS for rose propagation

“We have been using Fertilpots for a few years now and have achieved great results with our rose propagation program, but now with the FERTISS plugs, we are achieving the same, if not better, results with less labour. I wouldn’t even look at any other product for my rose propagation as the results with Fertilpots and FERTISS are excellent.”

Bill Van Wyk, Van Wyk Nursery, VIC

Testimonials from Municipal customers in France:

No piles of waste plastic pots and bags like this, when you use Fertilpots

“I chose Fertilpot 2 years ago. These pots are very easy to use, and allow us to save a lot of time in the preparation of our plantings. I find the plants are less susceptible to elongation. My planting crews are very satisfied because they do not have to remove plants from the pots. Above all, Fertilpots do not exhibit any transplant shock. Beside this, there is the plus of the ecological benefits.”

– Bertrand L Gall, Production Manager, City of Les Mureaux, France

fertilpot municipal testimonials

“Fertilpot is mechanised in our nursery. I can confirm as well, the great advantages versus plastic pots:

  • We achieve compact plants with a dense, well-developed root system;

  • Water management is easier for our bi-annual plant production;

  • We save 20% of the time taken for planting;

  • No transplant stress;

  • No plastic waste (we disposed of 4-6 trucks per year before switching to Fertilpot).”

– Xavier Cordon, Production Manager, 11 City Group, Cergy Pontoise, France

Elimination of plastic waste in municipal setting

“I chose Fertilpot for these main reasons:

  • Elimination of plastic waste, as well as the sorting and disinfection;

  • A reduction of at least 20% in the time taken for planting in the field;

  • Better Management of my planting teams. They are satisfied because Fertilpot is very easy to work with.”

– Jean-Francois Cheron, Flowering Manager, City of Plaisir, France

“I selected Fertilpot for my production and I am convinced that I will not use plastic pots anymore, for these reasons:

  • Good strength of the Fetilpot;

  • Light product, easy to handle;

  • The colour of the Fertilpot helps to quickly manage the irrigation needs;

  • No transplant stress, save of time for planting, quick work and quality results;

The composition of Fertilpot clearly promotes a good development of the root system. As a result, we find a uniform and vigorous growth after transplanting. We are limiting the use of plastic and therefore waste.”

– Thierry Avonde, Flower Production District, City of Herblay, France