Flourish Biostimulant

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Flourish is an organic, biostimulant that allows for better nutrient uptake by plants through their roots.

Strengthen your plants health, vitality and resilience by applying Flourish to the soil around the plant. It helps aid improved nutrient uptake and exchange at the roots for better plant health and vitality.

Flourish Organic Biostimulant

Recommended as the main soil conditioner for all organic horticulture, including vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, etc.


  • Improves your plants health, vitality and nutrient uptake through the roots.
  • Stimulates soil fertility and micro-organism nutrient exchange.
  • Reduces water cluster value by 1/3 improving water activation and absorption due to smaller mass.
  • Acts to improve water penetration abilities.
  • Reduces the use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides as a result of improved nutrient uptake.
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