Jute Grow Bags

Jute is a highly versatile fibre used in many industries. It is popular as a sustainable natural fibre, as it uses very little water in the production process and is also biodegradable. Its moisture retention properties help keep plants moist when used as growing bags.

Fully biodegradable and compostable, Jute can last 12 -16 months when used to grow plants before it starts to significantly degrade and will fully degrade once composted within about 2-3 months.

The jute fibre allows the plant roots to breathe, improving root aeration and allowing excess moisture to drain away.

In addition, jute allows root pruning (allowing root hairs to penetrate the bag) thereby preventing plants becoming root bound.

The jute for our bags are naturally grown in India without any fertilisers or pesticides using water harvested from rainwater capture providing a natural bi-product ideal for growing.

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The woven jute used in our bags is 50mm thick (600 GSM) for extra durability and water retention and uses waste jute fibre from jute manufacturing. The bags are stitched together with cotton for strength.

Our jute Grow bags are a nice balance between the extra durability of our Ecofelt Grow Bags and the shorter lifespan of our Fertilpots.  Each has a particular lifespan and use in the growing cycle suiting specific needs and applications.  All three can be used in conjunction as part of a larger growing system as requirements dictate.

Avoid transplant shock by starting your plants in jute – a sustainable and renewable resource.

Benefits of growing in Jute Grow Bags include:

  • Its a natural fibre that grows stronger, healthier plants
  • Allows air pruning
  • Breathable material that helps aerate soil and allows excess water to drain away
  • Jute fibre is carbon rich so it feeds the microorganisms in your soil
  • Jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen faster than trees
  • Re-uses jute waste fibre that would normally be composted