Pot & Propagation Trays

All our thermoformed trays are designed to optimized air flow, which helps air pruning of the root system.

Tray Range

Propagation Tray T500

4.5 x 7cm Cells 50/Tray

Propagation Tray T501

5 x 9cm Cells 50/Tray

Propagation Tray 166.18

Dioni 7 x 9cm Cells 32/Tray

Propagation Tray 6x6cm

6 x 6cm Cells 28/Tray

Propagation Tray 167.15

8 x 8cm Cells 20/Tray

Dioni Tray

The Dioni tray is a new concept in the use and handling of biodegradable containers.  Developed jointly by Fertil International and Desch Plantpak, the Dioni tray encourages superior airflow around the pots for better root formation.  The design of the Dioni tray provides  an air space between the Fertilpot wood fiber pot and the plastic cell wall.  This will promote air pruning of the root tips emerging from the porous walls of the Fertilpot.

The vented Dioni tray is designed to allow a grower to pre-load the tray with empty pots and stack them for filling in a flat filler at a later time.  The unique design of the tray prevents jamming of the tray above into the pots in the layer below.  This design also allows the grower the option of ordering the Dioni Tray pre-loaded from the Fertil factory.  

Because Fertilpot wood fiber pots are more permeable to roots than traditional peat pots, the results obtained using a Dioni tray with Fertilpots will exceed a standard tight fitting plastic tray holding peat pots.


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