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Seed Soak’s active ingredient is our organic Wood Vinegar (also known as Pyroligneous acid or Liquid Smoke). It is the condensed liquid captured during pyrolysis during Biochar production.It contains numerous organic elements and plant like compounds, which work synergistically to make plants stronger, leaves greener and stimulates microbial growth.

How it works:

Treating seeds by soaking in Seed Soak helps penetrate the outer coating that is protecting the future plant inside and accelerates growth.

Seed Soak is absorbed into the intact seed coat. With proper conditions (moisture, temperature, light) the seed coat will then start to swell and rupture, thereby releasing its food stores and germination and growth begins. By using Seed Soak ahead of time, you remove many of the barriers to germination, so that the seeds are ready to sprout by the time you plant them. This can be particularly useful for gardeners with heavy clay or super sandy soil as it helps provide the right level of moisture to start growth. It also reduces the stress of ensuring your soil is adequately damp after you’ve sowed a row of seeds.

In general, the bigger and tougher the seed, the better it will fare using Seed Soak.

Benefits include:

  • Higher germination success rate
  • Faster germination results, in as little as 3 days
  • Accelerated leaf growth by up to 30%
  • Increased number of leaves per plant, therefore leaf area and improved photosynthetic capacity
  • Better root development which contributes to a better plant development and earlier harvests
  • Allows seed stock to be stored for longer periods and older seeds to be used
  • Less soil preparation
  • Used as foliar spray it can promote plant growth and increase resilience to pests and diseases
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