Soil Amendment Packs

Garden Packs for every stage of your gardening projects. From Soil Remediation and Soil Enhancement to Propagation and Pest Control.

Soil Remediation Pack

Clear your soil of weeds, improve and enhance soil quality and aeration.


  • WEEDEM 500ml x 1 bottle
  • Fodda Soil Enhancer 3kg x 1 bag
  • Pine Biochar 2.4 Litre x 1 bag
  • Bamboo Fibre Gloves x 1 pair

Soil Enhancement Pack

Get your soil ready for planting.  Add fertiliser to improve soil matter, liquid fertiliser for micro-organisms and flourish to stimulate/encourage growth.


  • Fodda General Fertiliser 5kg x 1 bag
  • Flourish Biostimulant 250ml x 1 bottle
  • Organic Liquid Fertiliser 300ml x 1 bottle
  • Bamboo Fibre Gloves x 1 pair