Turf Management

Wood Vinegar for the control/reduction of Nematode Infestation in Turf

At 1:200 it has proven extremely effective at significantly reducing Nematode infestation in commercial daffodil bulb growing for Clandon Daffodils in the Waikato.  As Daffodils are quite susceptible to this blight and grow relatively quickly the results and benefits were visible within a short period of time.

Benefits of Wood Vinegar for Greens and Fairways

Wood Vinegar for Turf Management
  • Partially sterilizes the soil and reduces bacterial, fungal and insect pest infestations.
  • Acts as a synergist and dramatically reduces the need for other, more toxic pesticides.
  • Increases the photosynthetic capacity of plants and promotes plant growth improving turf quality and strength.
  • Reduces water cluster value by a third improving water activation and absorption thereby helping turf in drought prone situations

Application Method

Diluted with water to the required ratio a sprayed by preferred commercial spray application system or through existing watering/irrigation systems if applicable. Apply late afternoon/evening when temperatures are lower and evaporation is less, thereby allowing time for the solution to be absorbed into the turf and soil.

Do not mix any other products such as surfactants or fertilisers with this mix as it will affect efficacy.

When diluted coverage is approximately 1 Litre per square meter.